2019 Tips for Workplace Party Etiquette

  1. Know your limits and don’t go beyond them. One alcoholic beverage or two is best. Although you may know a third drink won’t be a problem for you perception is everything. You want to avoid looking like you are drinking too much so be aware of your limits and controlling yourself.
  2. Party clothes are perfectly acceptable and probably even expected for the company party. So go ahead and toss aside your usual work clothing and wear something festive and inviting. Sparkles, bright bold colors, and sequins are appropriate unless you find yourself at a Gala, if the invitation says black tie optional gala, this is a less dressy event where a tuxedo is optional for men as they can opt for a dark suit with a black tie. Women can still wear formal evening gown or a dressy cocktail dress if you so desire.
  3. Put you phone away your company is throwing this amazing party to reward you and give you time to socialize with your co-workers. How can you take advantage of this opportunity if you are constantly checking your phone? Put it away and try to focus on the here and now. Of course, keep your phone handy for taking pictures of you dancing and enjoying the moment!
  4. Have fun and dance especially when there is a talented band or DJ performing if there’s a photo booth make sure to take some photos and enjoy the experience. This can be a great way to introduce yourself to some of your coworkers you may not know.
  5. Make sure to enter any raffles this is a great opportunity for you to receive a prize.

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